GDT Where Used PLUS is the first highspeed source code archive,
with an integrated code analyzer and complete version control of all your projects.
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Works with NAV5, NAV2009, NAV2013, NAV2015, NAV2016 and NAV2017

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        End Date: 13.09.2017

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    Caution: Your expire Date for the Expanded Project will be the same as in your Main License.

      Anual Projectprice for Main Lisence incl.1 Project = 153,60 $
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      Projectprice per day 96/365 = 0,26 $

      Days for the Expanded Project 13.10.2016 - 13.09.2017 = 336 days

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      153,60 $ + 87,36 $ = 240,96 $

    GDT Where Used PLUS is the first highspeed source code archive,
    with an integrated code analyzer and complete version control of all your projects.
    It supports NAV5, NAV2009, NAV2013, NAV2015, NAV2016 and NAV2017.
    Based on our former Version with the basic functionality "where Used" and "direct Import",
    the PLUS Version gives you the possibility to handle
    multiple Projects and Versions in your Network on a fingertip.

    Analyze your Dynamics NAV Objects.
    See connection of all objects, functions and fields.
    Compare different Object Versions or scan
    your complete Source Code with the CodeGuard to find changes
    made to your modifications.

    The "Where Used tree" is the smart way to check out your Code.

    Direct Import wrapper via finsql.
    Select Server, Database, Username and Password.
    Then Finsql is called and all licensed objects will be exported. The created file will automaticly be imported through
    GDT Analyzer

    GDT Where Used PLUS is an external program.
    Objects can be imported through Finsql form Nav or simply as object text import.
    There is no link back, your objects in Nav will never be touched.

    Selecting projects, versions as well as where used functionality cost no time.
    GDT Where Used PLUS needs time once to analyze objects (usually ~1 min) via text import.
    Additional time is required if you use Finsql.
    Object compare function needs time to start the text comparison tool.
    The time CodeGuard needs depends on the number of changed objects.

    What does CodeGuard do?
    Imagine a perfect world, all programmers work together on a project with one database.
    If new code is added or old code is changed, everything works fine...

    In the real world, between NAV Partners and Customers, it looks a little bit different.
    Especially when the Customer modifies their Solution by themselfes.
    The culprit then often is, whose code was deleted...

    Not any longer. Use CodeGard.

    CodeGuard is a tool that monitors all the changes made to your modifications.

    Use it to check if your changes have been preserved.
    Scan all of your objects for your Code Comments.

    If some of your work has been changed or deleted, you will be informed.

    CodeGuard allows you to select two versions to compare.

    Please note: CodeGuard function is only visible if a project has at least two versions.

    • With the new Project Management you will get an efficient tool, to handle multiple Projects.
    • It is easy to switch between Projects with a click without waiting.
    • Import several Versions of Source Code to your Projects.
    • Choosing a project means that you automatically work with the latest version of that project.

    Within the Project Managment you can manage different Versions of Source Code.
    It dosen't matter if you import as *.txt file or by direct-import out of your Dynamics database.
    Each version gets a time stamp as seen in the screenshot below.
    Version 2017.01.12_001 is the first Version
    Version 2017.01.12_002 is the last Version
    GDT Where Used PLUS works ALWAYS with the lastest version.
    Selecting a version is only necessary for managing reasons (for example to delete a version or Compare with Codeguard).

    Compare Different Versions
    With the full Integration of "Beyond Compare" and "WinMerge" you can inspect differences in an Object very easy.

    Syntax highlighting
    To improve the readability and context of the source code, the Syntax is Colored in blue and red.

    •Commands are colored blue.
    •Constants and Variables are colored red.
    •The functions are marked blue and underlined like Link.

    Function View
    Functions are highlighted as a HtmL-link
    Open a fenced function block by using the link in the Code Window.

    Put in a Network Directory and share your Project Data with all users in your Network.
    Changes and updates to your Projects and Versions will be shown after restart.

    Goerresstrasse 39
    48147 Muenster

    All rights reserved.

    No warranty

    Decompilation or modification prohibited.

    - Operating System ( 64-bit ) required
    - Dynamics NAV License to export all the objects as a text file
    - Permanent Internet access is nessecary

    GDT Where Used PLUS supports NAV5, NAV2009, NAV2013, NAV2015, NAV2016, NAV2017

    Version List

    Update to
    - fixed: possible Crash on start up
    - new Option: Disable Finsql.exe detection
    - note for Version manually update due to an error in the automatic update

    Update to
    - fixed Error: Analyzer says finished ahead of schedule
    - Crash of the analyzer in the definition phase are now also logged in the error log
    - Checklist for new users in GDTWhereUsedPlus
    - Text enhancements

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    - to manage your license

    All data we take from the Programm will be transfered encrypted.
    1. When you start GDT Where Used Plus, the programm connects to our server to check up the license.
    2. When you create a new Project, the project "description" will be synronized to the server and added to your license.
    3. When you import a new Version, the "Version Date" will be stored to your project.
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